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Working Metrics helps businesses, non-profits and government organizations evaluate and improve work force outcomes.


  • Win & maintain contracts by demonstrating long-term reliability of workforce
  • Attract & retain great employees
  • Benchmark your company against industry and regional competitors
  • Demonstrate to your community that you are a good jobs company

Once I talked with Working Metrics and saw how easy it was to use, how easy it was to get the data out, there was no reason why we wouldn't use it.”

— Arlene Koth, VP Administration and HR

procurementProcurement Groups

  • Gain insight into your suppliers’ job quality and long-term reliability
  • Use results in RFPs to assess and select vendors
  • Assess & compare suppliers’ job quality performance trends over time
  • Support corporate responsibiilty mission with actionable data

We know that we need to inspect what we expect, especially when it comes to supplier social responsibility. Working Metrics can be a tool suppliers can use universally to help move the needle.”

— Ken Macon, Strategic Sourcing Dir.


  • Identify and work with local suppliers that provide good jobs
  • Attract talent to these companies and the community
  • Develop and promote your community as a good jobs region
  • Raise the economic conditions of your community
Partners for a Competitive Workforce

PCW believes that good jobs are the key to driving economic stability for both businesses and people. Working Metrics is a vital resource in helping us determine the factors that contribute to creating those jobs.”

— Mardia Shands, Executive Director

investorsInvestors and Lenders

  • Assess job quality as indicator of long-term reliability of borrowers and investments
  • Use results as part of due diligence process to evaluate and select companies
  • Compare the job quality scores and trends of portfolio companies to measure your firm’s impact over time