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Partnership for a Competitive Workforce Member Companies Measure and Increase Job Quality and Company Performance With Working Metrics


Workforce & Economic Development agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Foundations, government agencies, anchor institutions and employers across the country are not only charged with trying to promote new jobs; they are looking for real ways to continually improve the quality of those jobs.  They want to help new and experienced workers to find better jobs, which is what benefits companies, workers and the region.


Partners for a Competitive Workforce works with non-profits and businesses in the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana tri-state region to increase the skills of current and future workers in order to meet employer demand. Along with its many partners, including the United Way and the National Fund, it has encouraged employers, local chambers of commerce and others to adopt Working Metrics in order to track and gradually encourage increased job quality.  Doing so is helping to increase the performance of local employers and workers, and their goal to create a “good jobs” region.


PCW believes that good jobs are the key to driving economic stability for both businesses and people. Working Metrics is a vital resource in helping us determine the factors that contribute to creating those jobs.”

— Mardia Shands,
Executive Director