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Our Partners

We partner with public, private and nonprofit leaders in workforce analytics and development to spread awareness of the vital role that job quality plays in the American workplace, and to help them use data to promote positive impact for job creators, workers and the communities in which they live and work.

Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute has partnered with Working Metrics to launch a cloud platform to measure, score, and benchmark the job quality for employers, procurement departments, investors, and communities.

Working Metrics has combined its technology vision with Aspen’s expertise in the global labor market to unlock workforce analytics to improve results for businesses, their employees and local communities, to show that great jobs drive exceptional results.

JP Morgan Chase Foundation
Results for America
San Diego Workforce Partnership
Colorado Workforce Development Council
NKY Chamber of Commerce
Workforce Innovation Center
Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

Quality jobs are one of the surest ways to create economic opportunity and financial stability for families and are good for businesses’ bottom lines. “This software tool will reward businesses that are doing good and create an incentive for job quality.”

Maureen Conway,
Vice President of Policy Programs at the Aspen Institute
and Executive Director of the Economic Opportunities Program

In Colorado, we recognize that equipping workers with skills is inadequate if the jobs available to those workers do not provide for life's basic necessities. Our partnership with Working Metrics will help employers, chambers of commerce, industry associations and others evaluate the current quality of their jobs, compare them to others in their sector, and make data-informed decisions on how to improve, thereby strengthening their talent pipelines, supporting economic growth, and providing employment opportunities to more workers.”  

Renise Walker, Assistant Director
Colorado Workforce Development Council

We believe that all jobs can be high quality jobs, measuring and tracking job quality data, disaggregated by demographic groups, is a crucial step for governments and employers in making progress towards this goal, and Working Metrics provides easy access to this important data.”

Celeste Richie, Vice President
Results for America