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Evaluate Compensation, Benefits, and Workforce Inclusion Trends


Measure & Score

  • Measure and analyze wage growth, retention, job growth, benefits, diversity, and other key job quality indicators.
  • Evaluate real-time metrics and trends over time.
  • Generate an independent score and assessments to share with customers, employees, and government agencies.

Benchmark & Analyze

  • Benchmark job quality using data from more than 95% of the companies in the US.
  • Compare your results against industry and regional peers.
  • Identify areas for improvement company-wide or in individual departments.
  • Analyze your performance over time.

Share & Compare

  • Securely and selectively share your results with business partners.
  • Procurement departments and suppliers can leverage job quality scores as part of RFP processes.
  • Investors and lenders can evaluate prospective portfolio companies.
  • Leverage your performance in recruiting and employee relations.

Gain Insight Into Diversity

  • Analyze key job quality metrics by gender, racial cohorts over time.
  • Analyze key job quality metrics by gender, racial and combined cohorts over time.
  • Benchmark against industry and regional peers.
diversity chart

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