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Evaluate Compensation, Benefits,and Workforce Inclusion Trends

Knowledge is Power.

We’ve developed tools that will give your organization the data-driven insights needed to make a real impact. Working Metrics delivers meaningful data fast, measuring critical factors that help you assess and build job quality, equity, and inclusion.

  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive
  • Focuses on meaningful measures of factors that build job quality, equity, and inclusion.

Best of all, we’re with you every step of the way to understand how to gather and interpret this essential information.

We’re passionate about helping good companies deliver great jobs through evidence-based policy choices - and we’re eager to help you begin your journey.


Measure & Score

  • Measure and analyze wage growth, retention, job growth, benefits, diversity, and other key job quality indicators.
  • Evaluate real-time metrics and trends over time.
  • Generate an independent score and assessments to share with customers, employees, and government agencies.

Benchmark & Analyze

  • Benchmark job quality using data from more than 95% of the companies in the US.
  • Compare your results against industry and regional peers.
  • Identify areas for improvement company-wide or in individual departments.
  • Analyze your performance over time.

Share & Compare

  • Securely and selectively share your results with business partners.
  • Procurement departments and suppliers can leverage job quality scores as part of RFP processes.
  • Investors and lenders can evaluate prospective portfolio companies.
  • Leverage your performance in recruiting and employee relations.

Gain Insight Into Diversity

  • Analyze key job quality metrics by gender, racial cohorts over time.
  • Analyze key job quality metrics by gender, racial and combined cohorts over time.
  • Benchmark against industry and regional peers.
diversity chart

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