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Triversity Construction Recruits and Retains Employees by Showing That It’s a Great Employer with Working Metrics


Cincinnati’s Triversity Construction company mission is to “build a better way.”  That includes includes creating a more inclusive company and building better jobs.  By championing diversity and job quality, and following their mission, Triversity has built a growing business with financial success. But like any company, it still must compete to hire and retain great employees, which has become increasingly difficult in the current tightening job market.


Triversity turned to Working Metrics to help the company with its recruiting. Working Metrics helps managers of large and small companies measure job quality changes in their organizations over time. Given its mission, it’s not surprising that Triversity earned a 5 Star Working Metrics rating.  With their score and other data from Working Metrics, it’s easier for Triversity to show just how good a place their company is to work.

Triversity earned a 5-star rating based on their employee focus as reflected in the high rates of employee retention, wage and job growth and benefits in comparison to other commercial construction companies.

In this tight recruiting environment, you need to compete for people that already have jobs.  With Working Metrics it’s easy to get your scores and analytics that make it easy explain why their alternatives aren’t as awesome as our company, and then prove it.  Even if your results aren’t as good as you hoped, it shows you where you are, and how to begin to build from there.”

— Arlene Koth,
VP Administration and HR

Arlene Koth